VINTAGE GUITAR MAGAZINE "Mambo Sons" - Lawson/Guerra

If tasty rock is your thing, here's an album for you. Fueled by Tom Guerra's versatile guitar playing and Scott Lawson's stirring vocals, "Mambo Sons" delivers the goods. There's also a nice guest appearance by guitar legend Rick Derringer on "It Was You." In some ways, this harkens back to the days before rock became alternative, and a little darker. "Habits of Mine" has as catchy a hook as you're likely to hear this year, along with two nice guitar solos, including the melodic kind that you don't hear anymore as the song ends. The soulful "Devil Moon" features an old-style soul guitar intro and a nice solo in the middle. The wah work in "I Go Wild" helps move the tune along, and "Crazy Girl" has a killer guitar hook that helps propel the '80s-esque rocker and its cool, funny lyric. "Slipaway" reminds me of Joe Walsh with its cool melody and layered guitars, and "Tomonga Street" is just pure straight-ahead rock at its finest. If you like no-frills rock played by guys who know it well, this one's for you. If you can't find the CD at your local shop, contact Tom at And, it can be ordered from The Orchard Records, an internet label at (John Heidt, Vintage Guitar Magazine, Jan. 2000)