TOM GUERRA- Guitar Player "Spotlight Demo"

In March 1991, Tom Guerra appeared in the Stevie Ray Vaughan commemorative issue of "Guitar Player" magazine, in a feature entitled "Spotlight" which showcased the style of 3 guitarists from around the world and their instruments.

Said Guitar Player contributing writer Mike Varney, "Tom's demo features a hard hitting collection of rock and blues songs. His riveting solos include a mature blues vocabulary that incorporates wah wah, open tuned slide guitar, and both dirty and clean Strat tones. His music should be very appealing to most fans of electric blues"

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The tracks featured on the "Guitar Player Spotlight" demos included (click on title for mp3)

The Sad Night Owl (Freddie King / Sonny Thompson)

Song For Kenny Burrell (Guerra)

Big Legged Woman (Leon Russell)

Freddie Surfs (Guerra)

ABOUT THE BAND - Simply called "Tommy G. and The Real Gone Cats" the band appeared as the house band on WHUS's Blues Bus (hosted by Beef Stew) from 1993-1994, featuring Tom Guerra on guitar, George Gould on drums (and lead vocals on "Big Legged Woman") and Gary Gott on bass. Each month, a different guest artist would be featured, backed by Tommy G. and the Real Gone Cats.