"In a digital world of hyper tones of every kind, Tom's guitar work is refreshing... As a guitarist, I am biased towards cool vintage guitar tones and found myself wanting to grab my guitar and play some Keith Richard licks as I listen to the CD." - Aerosmith guitarist JIMMY CRESPO

"Tom's songwriting, singing, and production are all great and the guitar sounds and parts are particularly strong and well-crafted. I was knocked out by the subtle placement of the guitar effects across the soundstage rather than right with the source guitar – making a bigger sound plus ear candy. Very cool, both in the all-over impact and the details." - Muddy Waters' longtime guitarist and solo artist - STEADY ROLLIN' BOB MARGOLIN

“Tom is that rare kind of guitarist, and musician, that manages to but his soul into his playing as well as his ear. I’m amazed how easily he can make any guitar and amp sound amazing. But just listen to his CD’s and you’ll realize this. And you’ll love his musical sensibilities as much as I do.” BOB DETTORRE, owner, DST Engineering

"I was stuck - flat-out stuck - on a great song that I somehow couldn’t seem to flesh-out to my satisfaction. I spoke with Tom Guerra about it and he cheerfully offered his assistance. I sent him a basic acoustic/vocal track, and what I got back was a completed piece, with full instrumentation. The slide piece Tom added was delightful and not only did the song justice, but completed the thought thoroughly. - MARK BARRETT, Songwriter, Musician, New Orleans, LA

“Tom produced a large number of sound clips for me that I needed for the website of a company I founded several years ago. They were absolutely perfect in every aspect. There seems to be nothing he can’t do to perfection. Yet, what most distinguishes Tom from his contemporaries is that his work always sounds so vibrant, alive and fresh, a consequence of his glorious tone, technique and production skills. Simply said, he’s the antithesis of processed, homogenized and sterile.” – DR. CARL N. NETT (aka ToneDoctor).

"Tom Guerra is a great artist, whether live or in the studio. Being a producer and a songwriter, as well as one of my favorite guitar players, he has a knack for adding just the right touch to give a tune that “something extra!” I would recommend Tom for any session or show. If you want a consummate guitarist, use Tom!" – MARK EASTON, blues rock and roll guitarist / songwriter (Avalanche, Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze, Shaboo All-Stars)

"Tom has a real knack for making a finished piece from musical ideas. I was impressed how he patiently evaluated my demos and added guitar tracks that enhanced my original songs in a way I never could have done by myself!" - JIM PABICH, Country/Americana singer-songwriter

"I love this one as much as the last. One of the nice things about this disc is Tom's guitar sounds – clean with just a slight edge, very little in the effects department, and it's nice to hear the simplicity and how it just cuts right through... One of the best indie releases of the year" - NY ROCK MAGAZINE

"The melodic sense is very strong and I find the CD to be an incredibly pleasant surprise. Tom's musicianship is flawless and he plays exactly what is needed for each song in the right places. Highly recommended for all rockers out there who likes upbeat classic rock with a huge melodic sense." - Sweden's NORTHERN LIGHT MAGAZINE

Animals' guitarist Hilton Valentine and Tom Guerra

Steve Winwood and Tom Guerra

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