About Me

Since the late 1970's, I have been part of several bands, writing and playing original blues, rock n' roll and R&B guitar based songs. One of my earliest high profile gigs was playing guitar for Muddy Waters' bassist Charles Calmese. I was featured in Guitar Player magazine (3/91), and since then I have played and recorded with Rick Derringer, The Dirty Bones Blues Band, Max Weinberg, Mark Nomad, Jaimoe from The Allman Bros., Second Son, Guitar Shorty, Adolph Jacobs of The Coasters, and The Delrays, for which I received acclaim from Buddy Guy. Since 1999, I have been the principal songwriter and producer of the rock and roll power trio “Mambo Sons,” who recorded 4 critically acclaimed cds for Omnicide Records, the last one entitled “Heavy Days” being a double album that was named “Record of the Year” by Cleveland's “Rock and Roll Report” in 2010.

In the mid to late ‘80's, I worked as a writer, producer and guitarist on jingles primarily for FM radio. In 1986, I provided arrangement input to Eddie Money's "Take Me Home Tonight" single. For the better part of the 1990's, I served as a session guitarist for several studios, including The Gallery, one of Connecticut's major production facilities, and WHUS, UCONN's radio station. During this time, I played on hundreds of sessions for dozens of artists, with styles including straight ahead rock and roll, blues, rockabilly and acoustic music. My music has also been featured in corporate training videos, and local news shows.

In addition, I write for Vintage Guitar magazine, and am an endorsee for Brian Moore Custom guitars and DST-Engineering amplifiers. Also, I recently joined the Editorial Board of ToneQuest Magazine following that publication's feature story on me (CLICK HERE TO READ), which appeared in April '07.

My objective as a session guitarist is to create interesting guitar parts that complement your song without overpowering it. If you are looking for a “shredder,” you can look someplace else, but if you are looking for a player that can bring something special to your music, then I'm your guy. I can also help you to arrange your song so it becomes more interesting, vs. the standard verse/verse/chorus/verse/chorus formula.



2012 Mambo Sons Live (TBD)

2009 Heavy Days (double album) - Mambo Sons

2007 - "So Wonderful" mp3 and video - Mambo Sons

2006 - Soundtrack - unreleased (featuring "A Fifth of Twelve" instrumental)

2005 - "Racket of Three" - Mambo Sons

2004 - "Glen Carroll" - Glen Carroll Band

2004 - "Mr. Positive " - Jeff Keithline

2002 - "Play Some Rock & Roll" - Mambo Sons

2001 - "Love Songs" - Antonio Messina

1999 - "Mambo Sons" - Mambo Sons with Rick Derringer

1997 - "Red, White and Blues" - The Delrays

1993 - Tom Guerra - Guitar Player Magazine "Spotlight Demo"

1991-1999 - Studio Guitarist, The Gallery, Hartford, CT

1992 - "Stronger Than Dirt" - Dirty Bones Band (featuring Jimi Hendrix' "Red House")

1991 - "new wOrld disOrder" - Dirty Bones Band

1985-7 -WCCC Various Jingles

1984 - "Last Remains" - Dirty Bones Band

1983 - "Exhumed" - Dirty Bones Band


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